How does Kybella eliminate a double chin?

Kybella contains a patented synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule that helps metabolize dietary fat. When injected properly into the tissue it destroys the fat cells and eliminates the double chin.

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Is Kybella safe for everyone?

The safety and effectiveness of Kybella was established in two clinical trials which enrolled 1,022 adult participants. Treatment with Kybella should only be provided by a licensed health care professional.

How many treatments is it going to take?

Up to six single treatments, administered no less than one month apart, may be necessary to achieve the desired results. Unlike injectable cosmetic fillers, the effect appears to be long lasting.

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Trial Proven Results

Kybella's approval for the treatment of submental fat (double chin) marks a milestone for aesthetic patient choice. With the addition of an approved injectable treatment for this troublesome condition, patients now have a viable alternative to surgical reduction of anterior cervical and horizontal submental fat deposits.

As a principal investigator for the phase 3 clinical trials leading to the FDA approval, I have experienced firsthand the potential for dramatic improvement with the use of Kybella. Never before was there a way to non-surgically approach treatment of this troublesome area. I applaud Kythera for having the determination to proceed with the clinical trials necessary to bring this transformative product to market.

- Wm. Philip Werschler , MD, FAAD, FAACS

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